REVIEW // Ironlak ‘Ghettoblaster’ Cap

Originally posted on Arty Graffarti:


If I haven’t said it here once, I’ve said it a thousands times elsewhere, I’m a three cap kind of guy. Is there too much selection this day and age of graffiti? I’m not sure, but before hearing about these new caps from Ironlak, I thought, there probably won’t be anymore new ones for some time now. Obviously I was wrong, the new Ghettoblaster cap, isn’t just there to help you out with a massive fill in, but it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve.



I’d measure it at about 20cm wide or more in some cases

First and for most, when the press release for these came out I thought great [no sarcasm], another ghosty or filler cap, which it most definately is. As you can by these test sprays, it does a pretty good job of covering a bit of space, whether its: a] a 400ml can…

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