Etch A Sketch Art



From The Economist blog:

Some 100m red plastic easels, branded by the Ohio Art Company as Etch A Sketches, have been sold since 1960. Judging by Amazon reviews and online comments made following the death of Andre Cassagnes, its 86-year-old inventor, in Paris last month, at least some of them now lie unloved in dark corners collecting dust, discarded by frustrated children in favour of other, less challenging, toys.

Even today the Etch A Sketch is commonplace in children’s birthday boxes and Christmas stockings, with children both marvelling at its technology and cowering at its steep learning curve. Making anything passably artistic by dragging the orthogonal stylus through a fine coating of aluminium powder often seems nigh-on impossible. Some take to it and thrive, but many try it, struggle and consign it to the back of the cupboard.

The Ohio Art Company nearly did the same. It flirted with then dumped…

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