Stereophonics back on form with Graffiti

Stereophonics back on form with Graffiti - Yahoo!7

“It was summer 2010 and we were touring a lot and doing festivals, so I was at home a fair bit,” he explains. “I kept hearing footsteps on my roof when I was in bed. I was worried someone was trying to break into the house, but this one night I shouted out to them, you know, ‘What the hell are you doing on my roof?’ kind of thing, and they said they were just trying to get to the railway line across the trees to spray graffiti on the trains.

“That’s quite a lot of trouble to go to just to paint a train, but at least they weren’t breaking in, which is half a bonus I suppose. Anyway, I went back to bed and got thinking about what they were doing, and why.

via Stereophonics back on form with Graffiti – Yahoo!7.