Risk “Beautifully Destroyed” Mural in Downtown Los Angeles

Continuing with his “Beautifully Destroyed” series, Risk took over this wall on the former Crazy Gideon building in the Arts District of Los Angeles, CA with an explosion of bright color. The many shades of blue compliment its surroundings as the sun shines against it in the morning giving the locals a nice view when they wake up. Stay tuned for our updates with Risk as more of the “Beautifully Destroyed” projects happen. This was part of a LA Freewalls Project. Be sure to check out our interview with Risk as he goes into detail how he does his “Beautifully Destroyed” murals and the meaning behind them here.

via 12ozProphet Exclusive: Risk “Beautifully Destroyed” Mural in Downtown Los Angeles – News – 12ozProphet.com.