Toy Graffiti getting worse in Bronx NYC

Today there has been two articles from NYC about graffiti getting worse in the neighborhood of the Bronx. Sometimes it really looks like that the subject of graffiti sells. The more that graffiti is dubbed an ugly nuisance, vandalism, and a danger; newspapers and other forms of media get tons of views, website hits and attention.

In the graffiti culture, there are what is called ‘toys’. These are beginner and wannabe graffiti fans that haven’t even begun to develop the science and true DNA of the culture. Anything is game to the toy when first starting out in the game, but this is what makes it a nuisance even to the masters in the graffiti culture. Toys seem to get the media attention and the attack on graffiti affects those that perfected the medium, and some of the real talent that shines on the streets.

Toy Graffiti

Although there are some valid arguments to the property owners and residents, even the bad graffiti makes a real writer want to get out of the graffiti game at times. Reviewing a video from a WABC broadcast, a throwie from the legendary COPE 2 is given a quick 2 second spot lumped in with all of the toys. This is a big injustice to someone that has crafted the form and has been sharing his form with millions of fans from all over the world. Media does not make the distinction between toy graffiti and the true graffiti writer so we go on the record to say that TOY graffiti is making the hood expensively ugly.

Just to be clear…. toys are a nuisance to graffiti writers.