‘Gimme the Loot’: Tagging graffiti on the Big Apple

Fans of the New York Mets are familiar with the “Home Run Apple”: Every time a player scores, the giant fruit rises up from just outside center field to mark the occasion.

A new flick called Gimme the Loot features the apple at the center of its inventive story. Writer/director Adam Leon makes his feature debut with the movie, which follows a group of teen graffiti artists determined to “tag” the apple. Their big problem: It’ll cost $500 to pull it off.

Leon’s script includes an elaborate series of schemes and tricks the broke teens employ to get paint, access to the field and other requirements. (According to the site, “stolen sneakers, a high wire heist and a beautiful rich girl’s necklace” are also involved.) The soundtrack has been praised by New York magazine for “(mimicking) period funk, jazz and rap to eerily natural effect,” and the late Roger Ebert called it “a remarkably natural and unaffected film about friendship.”

Right now Gimme the Loot is playing in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, but it expands to other cities throughout April and May. Today it opens in several spots including Philadelphia, San Francisco and Cambridge, Mass.

See the trailer, then check it out:

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