Alec Monopoly does Madonna / Rock Paper Photo Transformational Exhibit

Madonna: A Transformational Exhibition,” curated by Rock Paper Photo, will unveil seven never-before-seen photographs from this fortuitous meeting, shot by Richard Corman and fellow photographer George DuBose. The photos capture the fresh-faced star lounging around her apartment, posing with neighborhood kids on the roof, and looking at home amid the rubble of early ’80s downtown New York City.

The photos will be on view in New York from April 11 until May 12 at W Hotels around the city. On April 11, two of the photos will be transformed live in Times Square by NYC street artist Alec Monopoly. Visit the website

for details.

Long ago, the pop star used to actually love the form of graffiti and was known for the tag ‘Boy Toy’. The tag could often be spotted all around the east and west village of New York City.

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