Kim Jong-un ‘Doctor Evil’ / Solus Stencil

Between shooting off missiles and telling the Koreans he created Hip Hop, Kim Jong-un has been marketing himself  heavily, and we mean going hard  for the worlds appreciation. Anywhere from Djay-ing to MC-ing, Korean man in charge Kim has been putting in work for the youth.

Latest hip hop efforts for Kim  has been street art. He has just started to launch his Mini Me campaign, featuring a young George Bald Bush as his side kick. Just so super sweet, humorous and catchy. Goes to show you  the man stays very current with the times, and never misses an opportunity to drop the bomb. Although his intentions are to take over the world, the man does have a soft humorous side of himself, and there is a true resemblance that shows in his craft. Rock on…

Note: Last person to take stake in hip hop was the rapper MC Shan, who stated that hip hop started out in Queensbridge, New York.

Showing Kim clad in Doctor Evil’s trademark suit and adopting the classic pose of the Austin Powers villain, the impressive mural also provides him with an accomplice in Mini-Me… as if Kim Jong-un isn’t dangerous enough on his own as it is. The work is marked SOLUS.