Nike Sneaker Autopsy / Solarsoft Moccasin Premium Woven “Tarp Green” / Gear

NIKE is calling this the Premium Moccasin? Seriously don’t even see a trace of the any Native American signature details. Oh, maybe becuse there is some surgical turqouise color leather lace? That gives it the native look? These sneakers are as premium as a dollar beer of Old Milwaukee. In fact, that is probably the only way anyone is going to wear some shit looking like a fucked up autopsy gone wrong. You better be drinking a ton of Old Milwaukee and not be able to walk to spare yourself embarrassment. This way, you save yourself the embarrassment of trying to style on people. If anyone should feel the urge to be cool and think these sneakers are the shit, just remember that most kids today don’t even know what a moccasin is, and won’t be able to pronounce it. You probably should only wear these shoes if you want to educate the children about the Native American tragedy, which is a better look than mocking it. Oh, I see…. Mock a son… Mocking and playing you out son!

These sneakers are actually made just for people to step on. And what’s with the surgical mesh tongues? These really belong on the autopsy table. They’re dead! These are Wack. Nice FAIL Nike.

Nike Solarsoft Moccasin Premium Woven “Tarp Green” | La Dolce Vita Chicago.