Sexer / Graffiti


James ‘Sexer’ Rodriguez is an old school writer who stays on his game, and keeps his skills sharp. In the 80’s, Sexer’s mark could be spotted from the 1, 2 and 5 New York transit lines, all the way to the walls of the historic High School of Art and Design. A school of which many legendary Graff Writers attended.

Having many influences in graffiti like Dondi, Lee, and Mitch77, his real interest in graff peaked with many of the writers from world renown crews FBA and TC5. “They were burning”.

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After attending High School of Art and design, Sexer moved on to college, and quickly applied his talents to an Art Directors position in a major advertising firm for 10 years. His work has been exhibited from New York City to Russia, and he continues to work on commercial projects with big names like Motorola and Delta Airlines.

Sexer’s advice to the youngsters that are up and coming in the graff game: ”Hone in on your skills, and create a self defining style. Think of a positive message you want to share with the world”.

de aqui como coqui metamorphosis hi-res Spit sexer 2013 Red Masquerade sexer 2013