DJ Devastate / Takes it to ‘The Couch’

It was good just to get up today, seriously. Was so dead from the day before and really was looking forward to something to get the blood going through these veins… Well, here it was.. Mixtape to just get my lazy ass back on the couch. Set all those apirations of going to work, making a living, and earning bread for a good days work… fuck dat….

DJ Devastate did just that…. Got my lazy ass devastated. Classic grooves with the snap crackle pop that had me feel like taking a week off and just eat, drink and be LAZY.

Lush and classic tracks… Give a listen to the breaks, jazzy tacks and all the throwback..


South Sweden, South Sweden, Sweden
For some people creating music all starts with a beat and a set goal to present sounds that touch your soul and make your head nod. This is a goal that’s truly being fulfilled by Producer/Turntablist DJ Devastate. Hailing from Helsingborg, a small town in the southern part of Sweden, DJ Devastate creates intricate sounds with classic production techniques. His introduction to Hip-Hop culture was back during the mid 90s “Golden Era”. The funky beats, rhymes and scratches being channeled at the time inspired him to become a part of the culture. His skills behind the turntables developed at a fast rate and DJ Devastate ended the 90s on the decks, often showcasing advanced scratching and mixing techniques. Spending a lot of time on stage and in the record stores, fueled his vision of creating and producing music. Dj Devastate’s production style started out simple but he had a firm dedication and determination to make strong quality music. Years in the studio led to collaborations and releases with Hip-Hop artists such as: Masta Ace, Kut Masta Kurt, Maylay Sparks, Stricklin, Ed O.G and Reef The Lost Cauze to name a few.

Find Devastation, that chill Sweede cat… right hur: Link