OFFPROJEKT released a video of OG Chino, blazing a crispy room of white walls with charcoal, filling it with beautiful imagery representing sex and violence. Real cool hand drawn images, beautiful shading, and ill [good] images. Og Chino is actually know for his DJing skills and can be heard on the The Block Radio show on EVR-

Soon after the OG wall video is dropped, the release of Bogata, Columbian artist Stinkfish surfaces and causes a ‘stink’ [a good one].

Stinkfish is from Columbia and his Graffiti / Street Art is poppin’ up all over Bogota. We’re sure his work will soon be coming to your hood. What’s incredible about the form of Graffiti is how it’s ability to touch people all over the world, and almost electrically set off artists to do the same in their hood. This is what causes a Stink sometimes, but in some instances a blessing. It’s a stink if it’s horrible toy shit, but beautiful when someone is a student of the craft.

Visit to see more of Stinkfish and his work here…LINK