King Of Kowloon / Hong Kong Graffiti King

My first trip to Hong Kong 15 years ago, I was so impressed about how the HKers did their graffiti. Electric boxes, poles, doors and columns covered in all these wonderful Chinese characters. Awesome to see, but what I really didn’t realize, was that it was all the same man! He killed [wrote] all of the streets from Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowllon, and Tai Kok Tsui with black ink and bruch. For those who aren’t familiar with Hong Kong, this man was covering vast areas of the ‘Main Land’ side Hong Kong.

King Of Kowloon [Tsang Tsou Choi] was an elder man that went through Hong Kong, scrawling his writings of his life’s story. Dude was in a wheelchair people! I idolize this man for having the instinctual ability to do what comes natural to man. He scrawled on the walls and told his story. Something that graffiti writers had been doing across the globe  in New York, this man did without any knowledge what so ever of what was going on with street art or Graff. Natural Graffiti artist. The man had a voice, talent and story and the majority of it was ignored.

Well, he’s past, and now they want to preserve what’s left of  the wonderful remnants of his art.

Streets Are  Saying Things and the people should have caught on way earlier… Street are has grasped some roots, and people should preserve this form more than ever. Stop, look and listen people… We have posted a gallery of photos of the man, but feel the need to share a little more on the issue.. the story.. the man.