RENU / Oh Snap!

What the F**K???

Well, lookie what we got here!!! I’m sorry but, I just have to start a section on Streets Are Saying Things for those who want this shit removed from the walls. Guess it should be trucks in this case. NothingTruck about this throw up.

In all seriousness though, the skills are just so off the hook! I must say that the Golf club character in the ‘R’ is so clever, and only could dream of doing that myself first! This is the type of Graff that makes me want to come back soooo hard body! Love the way the white arrow is pointing at the camel toe in the ‘U’. I mean, this is really inspiring.He’s down with the MTA crew? Really?

The throwie is so heavy weight, the truck can barely carry it! Just look at the tires on this bitch! Stressed! The tag looks like it has potential, except for the ‘B’.. or ‘R’? Whatever..

Props on the black and white blends, drips, or whatever the ……

This joint gets the BUFFWACK!

Gonna go get a taco after this and see if I can burn this piece in the bowl.

Peace to San Fran.

Graffiti on a truck: renuer | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.