Banksy Wall gets creeped on / Street Art / Bristol

Seems that Banksy keeps making headlines. This time [like others] it’s not because of a new work he’s produced, or his team, or whatevs… It’s because someone else did a piece under his! Graffiti keeps making news. Street art, graff, and vandalism generates viewers for the news media, and people keep feeding it… and feeding it… and feeding it.

So, the news is that streets artist Philth just balzed the wall under the famous ‘Well Hung Lover’. A  piece that artist Banksy created many moons ago, but is as catchy as a sticky rice baseball. Sharing it with y’all.



Philth is down with the kats at Sub ink.. Shout outs…

Banksy mural encroached on by rival street artist – Telegraph.