Iceland Chills / Art on no streets / Christine Peterson

People from all over the world visit to see the magnificent landscapes, inspiring mythical heritage, and it’s thriving music community in Iceland. It now is a tourist maven for those that want to paint! Beautiful murals are done in legal and illegal locations blending into the surrounding scenery. Local artists join in efforts to do productions that in some instances honor the history of their culture, but they also are inspired by outside influences as well. Foreigners now frequent the Land to paint and have their works mesh into the beautiful landscapes. Most of the time, artists are indeed inspired by the beauty of the land that surrounds them.

There was a time as a youth that the cold would inspire New York graffiti writers to go out to the cold and paint, but Iceland is a far stretch from New York with some serious arctic conditions. Painting in the cold can be very problematic for spray paint, paint brushes and other mediums. The paint can freeze and spray can nozzles clog from the frost. So, I give the Icelandic natives dap for heading out into the extreme conditions and banging out these works.

Photos are by Christine Peterson, via Vivid Decay

Iceland Street Art Photography By Christine Peterson | Vivid DecayVivid Decay.