Street art: Top ten spots to see street art and graffiti in NYC / TimeOut New York


In the early 1980s, kids battled Mayor Koch over end-to-end burners and broadside rollers, but much has changed in the 30 years since the documentary Style Wars blew the cap off NYC’s street-art scene and brought it into mainstream conversation. Contemporary bubble tags, murals and conceptual pieces continue to pop up citywide, while building and gallery owners commission both legendary painters and new luminaries—a far cry from the days of sneaking through subway tunnels in search of unclaimed tile.

With the help of storied graffiti artists, gallery owners and current scene documentarians—including Tats Cru, Crash One, Joey TDS, Trike1GND, Bowery Boogie (, New York Graffiti ( and Stern Rockwell of Streets Are Saying Things (—we’ve gathered ten choice public, outdoor spots from BK to the BX to see the finest modes currently fashioned by old-school heads (Crash One, Cost, T-Kid, Os Gêmeos) and young bucks (Beau, Danielle Mastrion) alike, all of which is proof positive that sometimes, nothing’s more exciting than watching acrylic paint dry.

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