Streetfest / Global Street Art / Shoreditch, London

If like me you’re a sucker for street art and can’t get enough of outdoor splashes of colour and creative brilliance, Streetfest might just be for you. With an eclectic mix of graffiti, digital displays and paint battles – all organised by curators Global Street Art – the sixth festival returns to Shoreditch, East London on Sunday 5 May 2013. Taking place all day, it’s a new breed of festival that fuses talent from a whole range of different genres all in one place. From graffers to illustrators and designers to nail artists – it’s a true representation of what’s currently going down on our British streets, art-wise that is.

Global Street Art – which just happens to be the world’s best classified street archive – will be joined by Cut&Paste, an International platform for linking emerging design talent with the creative industry, to celebrate the latest and greatest. This year’s event will host over 20 of the most cutting edge graffiti and street artists from London and beyond, including Dank, Tizer, Ronzo, BRK, Cept, 2Rise, Blam, Malarky, Parlee, Hunto, Vibes and Phomer. And Secret Walls will also be there, putting on some live art battles to inspire one and all.

via Suckers for Street Art! Roll up for the UK’s biggest and best live art festival, y’all | Creative Boom Blog | Art, Design, Creativity.