Child Style / The Sticker Art of Curly / Philly USA

‘Sticker Bombing’ is a medium that some graffiti and street artists‘ use. Usually, the stickers are tags, or some form of the artists work. Philadelphia‘s Street Artist Curly does it solely for humor.

When asked if he considered himself a Street Artist, his reply:

“For the right price, I’ll be whatever you want me to be, for the night at least.

I consider myself someone who wants to be entertained when they go for walks in the city. It’s entertaining to put up stickers, and it’s entertaining to walk around and see old ones. I don’t think the street artists want me, and I don’t think the graffiti writers want me either, so I’m happy to be an entertainer being entertained. Which is not to say that I’m opposed to other people labeling me …

But yes, it’s definitely art”

Curley travels up and down the East Coast of the United States placing his stickers on unique locations and in doing so has brought some attention to himself but doesn’t like it all that much.

“Well it got the attention of a couple of NYPD undercovers once, but luckily I talked those charges down from arrest to citation, and then they were dropped entirely. So I’m okay with that lack of attention.”

Curly’s sticker was mentioned in an article on for placing a sticker stating Osama is a MuslimConrad Benner, a street art blogger commented on Curly’s sticker. “This clearly took her five minutes to do,” Benner said. “It looks shit, but I stopped, so there’s something to it.”