Graffiti House Los Angeles / GFA International 2013

This past April on the 27th, a slew of Graff geniuses collabed at an even to blaze the walls of the Graffiti House LA. A grip of US based artists including New York City’s  Keo, Ewok, TKID, Smug and Bonzai from the UK, and LA resident Slick. Shear spray and the the walls slayed!

Graffiti House LA offers a channel for graffiti and street artists to connect with art enthusiasts and clients to showcase their talents, get exposure and real-world application beyond the street-art community.

As Los Angeles’ premiere advocate for graffiti, the Graffiti House LA space provides quality exhibitions, programs and events that promote the culture and gives artists a spotlight to showcase their talents. With a venue that is over 11,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to on-site painting, artist collaborations, events and exhibitions to installations

All photos are courtesy of Grosslee © 2013


Here is a previous graffiti battle that took place in February of 2013. Graffiti House LA played host to the first annual Silver True Blue Graffiti Battle! where artists battled it out graff style for a chance to win $1000 and their own personal bragging rights to kingship in LA studio. The colors of the even are Silver and blue… with hits of white baby…

The video shows you just how large the space is and the attraction that they draw.