Q Develops a perfection of sound / DubStuy / Music

This is not your mama’s sound system! Coming from a DJ/event producing background, as well as having a love of Jamaican bass music, Q has always had an ear for sound quality. That being said, despite advances in technology, most modern venues still don’t cut it. Systems might sound distorted, they might sound murky, or they might be just plain unpleasant. It was for that reason, as well as a reverence for the history of Jamaican sound system culture, that Q decided to build his custom “Tower of Sound” right here in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Rather than mashing the full sound spectrum into just bass and treble, Q’s system splits up the audio spectrum into 5 levels. What this allows for is unparalleled quality and clarity for every element from basslines to cymbals and everything in between. And I guarantee that you’ve never felt bass like this before!

Check their site for events so that you can hear for yourself:

NYorkers // Quoc Pham from NYorkers on Vimeo.