Lucy Lucy and Slicer / Fixtures of Imagination / Street Art

Photos are courtesy of euskadi 11 @2013

Lucy Lucy is from Paris. Her world is definitely poetic, floral and positive. As a self taught artist, she has found inspiration in her trips throughout Africa, Europe and Australasia.

Borrowing elements from everyday life, illustration, fashion design and street art, she combines texture, colors and techniques to capture melancholic but colorful portraits of elegant women from all walks of life.

Sometimes sharp, sometimes smooth, her lines always form exotic, glamorous and elegant faces and bodies. Her obsession with patterns and collage guides her contrasted work into developing characters with a history of their own.

By painting on various materials and objects such as chairs, murals, boxes, posters, glass and canvas, Lucy offers a new soul to the everyday equipment around her.

Slicer from Paris displays a sophisticated can technique which compliments Lucy Lucy’s poetic style. Flowing crisp lines laid clean and combined with Lucy’s style in the same space portrays a pretty girl lost in the Matrix, but completely confident in the same space.