Wild In The Streets / DEGA FIlms • Street Art Documentary / Jilly Ballistic

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The Brooklyn-based Dega Films has a cool new project in the works. Wild in the Streets is proposed as an ambitious 10-part series that follows graffiti artists in real time on the city streets. As it’s happening. Each episode features a different artist and their body of work; the first is a spotlight on Jilly Ballistic.

As you might imagine, the trio of filmmakers at Dega Films is employing Kickstarter to help crowdfund Wild in the Streets. With 22 days remaining in the campaign, approximately one-fifth of the $10,000 total has been raised.

Wild In The Streets: Jilly Ballistic from DEGA films on Vimeo.

The project stems from a desire to capture street art in its natural habitat, during its often short lifespan. The streets of NYC are ever changing, and the art follows suit, making it almost impossible to view an entire body of work from any one single artist. Some pieces survive for less than 24 hours. Our hope is to present a full depiction of an artist’s current catalog as well as the final stage of the process–getting the work up. We aim to capture as diverse a range of art as possible, including murals, stickers, wheat pastes, rollers, and much more.

Wild In The Streets differs from a traditional documentary style by removing the artist’s subjective view of their work and allowing the art to speak for itself. The videos follow a strict format of cinematic style with only natural sound and music as the soundtrack.

via ‘Wild in the Streets’ Doc Series Explores Street Art As It’s Happening | Bowery Boogie.