Song for the Summer / Ukulele Graffiti Cammy Enaharo

When I think of the music I relate to Graffiti, the sounds that come to mind are that of the subway back in 1981. The sounds of the cans one kicks while creeping through the layup or subway train yard. The rumble of the trains engine as the trains flutter in the dark subway tunnels.. Beats boom bappin’ and snare brushes snare slappin’. Hi Hat tappin’ with syncopated rhythms on a boomin’ system.

But a Ukulele??? A simple strumming of a Ukulele with the soft voice of Cammy Enaharo? This is a sound to take graffiti to the beach with. Enjoy this summer with this on your ipod, and bring the Subway with you.

Cammy Enaharo is from Rochester, New York and has been making a little bit of a train spark with her talent. Give her a listen on Sound Cloud and visit her FB page. I do believe her love for the art is her choice in making this song, and she puts a pleasurable sound in tribute to the Graffiti game.