The Painted Desert Project / Ever and Alexis Diaz / Arizona Desert Art [No Streets]

Street ArtistEver and Alexis Diaz display new pieces at the Painted Desert Project. This project has been organized by fellow streets artists Yote and Jetsonorama. The project aims to educate other of the various creative aspects of Navajo Culture, and also helps promote tourism to the existing residents in the area.  Other artists that have participated and contributed work are Roa, Overunder, Doodles, Labrona, and more.

Alexis Diaz is from Puerto Rico and  studied in Buenos Aries, He  has a beautiful cross hatching paint technique with amazing surreal images.

Ever (Nicolás Romero) is a former graffiti writer who began painting in the streets of Buenos Aires in the 1990’s. From the beginning, he was inspired by the street’s potential for projecting concepts and colour into the daily lives of thousands of passers-by.

Though he began as an artist practising letter-based graffiti, Ever’s style developed over time and moved into the realm of murals and street art. As he moved further away from graffiti, he began to explore different subjects such as portraits of ex-lovers, his brother and anonymous faces. He also experimented with more conceptually motivated pieces; such as giant portraits of chihuahuas, meant to refer to materialistic cultural tendencies.

Ever is highly skilled with both aerosol and brush work and frequently integrates both into his murals. Recently he has begun to explore creative juxtapositions between his strikingly realistic portraits and abstract details, such as bright-patterned thought clouds pouring out from the eyes of his faces.

With his more traditional “painterly” style, Ever often creates works one would expect to see hanging in a gallery instead of adorning a concrete urban wall. This is part of what makes Ever’s work so engaging. The anonymous faces he paints acquire gravitas through being recreated at scale throughout the city, and with his style seldom seen in the context of the street, it becomes all the more powerful for its unexpected presence.

photos are courtesy of artist EVER @ 2013