Renaissance meets Graffiti / Vesod / Italian Futurism

Vesod [from Venaria Reale, Italy] uses amazing painting techniques, skills and varied mediums. His father ,who is also a painter, gave him an original name that would make him stand out from the norm. Vesod’s art proves to live up to his dad’s premonition.

Using graffiti influence incorporated with various geometrical shapes and use of varied lines, Vesod also incorporates a classic painting style that reflects the lineage of Italian history and his study of renaissance painting.

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When asked about his style of painting he says, “I like geometrical shapes and graphic elements, usually I use them to paint graffiti and letters, I also like italian classic art like Caravaggio, Michelangelo or another Italian artist movement like Futurism. So, I mix these different influences in my way and the result is what you can see.”

Vesod started painting on walls as a graffiti artist, and soon found himself absorbed in many other mediums. Plastics, spray paint, acrylics, and oil are many of the mediums that he uses, and the effect is quite amazing. Looking at his pieces, they automatically capture the viewers attention, and the imagination goes wild. When asked if he is a muralist, street artist, or painter, he answers, “First of all I consider myself an artist, because I pay attention to the art movement in general. I don’t know if painting this on wall makes me a street artist or a muralist”

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The painting titled ‘Distance’, a modern day interpretation of Michelangelo’s painting ‘The Creation of Adam’ is incredibly capturing. It touches the imagination with a familiarity of past and present. When asked what inspired him to paint this he states, “ ..the painting is inspired to the work of Michelangelo. I’m Italian, so I decide to interpret the image of the ‘Creation’, with a different concept. The work of Michelangelo talks about the ‘distance’ between human and God/Reason. My work wants  to talk about the ‘Distance’ between human and the earthly things. I think they are represented very well by the ‘Woman’ that is a symbol of birth. To this concept, I added motion that represents the difficulty that the humans meet approaching the earthly things; In such a way to consider life like unique and closely linked to our earth and nature.DistanceDistanceDistanceDistance

When in the studio, Vesod listens to certain music which is a muse for his works and for ” for the deep atmosphere”. Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Massive Attack, Noisa, Black Sun Empire and even classical music can be felt in the works along with the intense study he has given to the human form.

His piece ‘Carpe Deim’ is a reflection of many of the influences that inspires the artist and it is really a portrait of new ideas and a definitive style.We look forward to the up and coming art and projects of Vesod.


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