Terrible T-Kid170 / Recent Additions

Terrible T-Kid 170 shares some picts from his archives.

T-Kid started in the 70’s and is a world wide legend in the world of graffiti. He started his legend in the 70’s, rolling with some of the toughest gangs and sneaking into the train yards. His style is from a vast history of the style masters, and remains current. There are many an artist that try to maintain the status that he has and often fail. T-Kid does this effortlessly, and here are some current picts to prove it.

T-Kid is currently the president of TNB (The Nasty Boyz) and ex-president of TVS (The Vamp Squad), one of the most notorious New York graffiti crews. T-KID is still active and his work can be seen in the Bronx as well as around the world. He is also a member of renown MAC crew from Paris. T-Kid was originally asked to be the narrator for the Hip-Hop documentary Style Wars but he declined.

tkid tkid2