Michael Jordan Realistic 6 inch Figure

What you see isn’t the Real face of Michael Jordan below, but the real face of the new doll!

New Michael Jordan figure is dropping this month. The realistic figure is created by Enterbay, and is available for a limited time only. It is understood that there will  be only 500 pieces of this edition, with another one on the way. MJ is available in both the 45 and 23  Chicago Bull‘s numbers, and comes with numerous accessories. The images of the doll are amazing as it is to see in person. Very realistic from the texture of the skin, down to the detailing of the uniform. A must have for the MJ fan, and for the 1/6 collector as well. The figure is truly a work of art.jordan_5_1michael-jordan-1-6-scale-23-away-figurine-by-enterbay-3 mj mj1 mj2 mj3 mj4 mj7