Action Bronson – Legend in the Making / NYC Music

Browsing through my twitter tweets a year ago, I received a tweet from my man Dante Ross referring to rapper Action Bronson as one of the best rappers to succeed. I gave Action a listen, and ever since I have been a fan of the Queens rapper. Dante was on point to no surprise.

Finally, I hear and see a rapper that is representing the sound and humor of New York City.

Often Action Jackson gets compared to the likes of Ghostface from the infamous Wu Tang Clan, but this doesn’t phase Action. He is very comfortable in being compared to Ghost, but in actuality, Action truly aspires to be Kool G Rap.

Want to see the Action go 730; give his video The Symbol a look and see his gangsta.

The native of Queens, New York is not only a talented rapper, but is also known for his talents of cooking. He has had a cooking show and also displays some of his ability on his videos laying down some serious home cooking.

Recently, Action dropped his video ‘Strictly 4 My Jeeps’, and there is no question about the mans ability to cook and bake mc’s with the lyrical talent, but he displays his humor that only a true New Yorker can parlay.

This is just the middle game for Action, and there will not be an end for quite sometime. His fan base is growing, and there seems to be no end to the music he will putting out for the next ten years. Watch Bronson as he takes all of the hustlers for their Shrimp Money! Better slow down baby….