The White Mandingos / New York Music

The White Mandingos are hard to put a genre label on because it’s such a fresh new music consisting of so much that’s considered old. It brings back the wonderful days of when I would frequent New York City’s Danceteria, and also the dark and familiar home of CBGB’s. It was a different time when these places were in existence, and now so much of this is gone. The music is now in effect when I listen to TWM and it’s a beautiful thing.

The topics that are touched with their music is awesome, and I can’t stop listening to the album over and over. Just a breath of fresh air, and some second hand smoke as well. I’m catching contact off of the sounds that are circulating the air when I play this out of the speakers. I’m in heavenly hell!

Tracks titled My First White Girl, The Ghetto is Tryna Kill Me, Mandingo Rally, Wam a Brother, and King Of New York… All Bangers. Reading the album titles was like a kid skipping through the chapters in a text book. Couldn’t wait to hear all of it!

The White Mandingos…. Need I say more? I have always been a big fan of Sacha Jenkins SHR, and have been a fan of all he’s touched on. He’s got the Midas touch with art, literature, events, play wright and music. I see his talents shine, and he is in the right circle of good company and friends.

The White Mandigos consist of lyricist Murs, Guitarist Sacha Jenkins SHR, and the legendary Daryl Jenifer of Bad Brains. Just a wonderful line up of some of the best talents to rock a rap. This is the shizznit, don’t sleep on the Mandingos, they’ll steal your wifey!

Grab their album on Itunes and Rockwell