Fin DAC and Christina Angelina / Montreal Street Art

Fin Dac and Angelina Christina in Montreal last month at the Mural Festival 2013 created this amazing mural. Soon after the festival, they collaberated on another piece at a location close by.

On this piece, I was able to witness The Duo painting quite meticulously and with careful and beautiful detail of the hair, chains, feathers, and facial expressions. Both artists flatter and compliment each other’s style perfectly, and one couldn’t be more impressed at the unique, yet similar look of each artist.

The duo continues to travel and paint and will be working on further projects painting murals across the globe, with one project being a documented film project in the desert of Nevada.

Was a pleasure to meet this team of amazing talent, and hope to see tons more.

Look at the photos to witness their beautiful art.

FinDac_Angelina1FinDac_Angelina21 FinDac_Angelina4 FinDac_Angelina3 FinDac_Angelina16 FinDac_Angelina19 FinDac_Angelina1 FinDac_Angelina7