Trayvon and Zimmerman Graffiti / Street History

Graffiti as a form of expression has always been revealing, and honest. Most of the time, it is the same as a photograph. A specific moment captured in time. Art  or a statement capturing a moment that only the artist or vandal is able to express, and it is captured with multiple uses of medium. Graffiti is a great way for individuals to express themselves, honor, or dishonor an individual or situation. The surfaces chosen aren’t the choice of what the public deems fit, but it is the choice of the individual that chooses the moment, the subject, the medium and/or the topic.

Most art reflects life, and in this instance, art is reflecting a death; the death of Trayvon Martin. The word ‘justice’ is seemingly a word of expression these days with the court system continuing to repeat injustices. But, there seems to be others that feel that the system has done the right thing, and their opinions are shared artistically as well.

Not too long ago, we posted graffiti response to the death of former UK Prime Minister Margret Thatcher. The responses were considered by some to be offensive, and to some the graffiti was fair game and also humorous.

Local media hasn’t been very just in their opinions of many situation, but somehow find better ratings playing a major part in contributing to the madness. Looking into the past of Trayvon and trying to paint a picture of how he wrote graffiti and wore gold teeth doesn’t have anything to do with his murder, but somehow the media deems it a clue.

This is a post to show some of the Graffiti / Art / Expression of peoples reaction to the case that has brought much needed attention.

Rest In Peace Taryvon Martin

Tayvon, We got you!

Racist zimmerman-graffiti copy
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Trayvon copy