Adelaide street artist Peter Drew could be kicked out of Glasgow School of Art and sent home for illegal artworks/ Street Art

Adelaide street artist Peter Drew could be kicked out of Glasgow School of Art and sent home for illegal artworks | The Advertiser

ADELAIDE street artist Peter Drew has been threatened with expulsion from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art and even deportation back to Australia if he continues his illegal works, two years after his graffiti arrest at home.Drew has been praised for brightening some of Glasgows dingy alleys but the art school, which initially used some of his images in promotional material, has changed its tune.According to The Herald newspaper, the school emailed Drew saying his student status would be reviewed if he did not cease his uncommissioned artworks, which might also draw the ire of the UK Border Agency.Ironically, Drews Masters thesis is about the inability of large institutions to embrace illegal street art.Drew told the City Messenger he was “very disappointed and surprised by the schools stance.”I came here with great expectation for a school with a glowing reputation but I guess every institution has its limits,” he said.”I discovered that in Adelaide, time and time again.”Thats why I make myself accountable for my actions, so Im in a better position to expect the accountability of institutions.”If I can take them with me on an illegal project and they realise that the sky wont fall in, then they learn something.”In 2011 Drew, who is best known for his pixelated images of smiling faces, was arrested and fined in Adelaide for graffiti vandalism and then made a documentary about the experience that was shown at a UK film festival.”During production we spoke to South Australian Attorney General John Rau and he explained why its important that the law leaves room for human discretion,” Drew said.”Its unfortunate that the GSA hasnt appreciated their own capacity for discretion and instead chosen to fear the full letter of the law.”To me it shows a certain level of laziness, that they couldnt be bothered to think the whole thing through.”Drew said he had not been contacted by UK immigration authorities, the Glasgow City Council or police, but would stop his street art temporarily because he wanted to complete his degree.”Im on a student visa so Id be forced to come home if I got kicked out.”Drew had been putting up his poster and stencil works around Adelaide for years before his arrest in mid-2011.It led to one of his most ambitious projects, reproducing old mugshots of 20 Adelaide criminals he found in the State Library archives as posters around the city.Some were torn down within days by the Adelaide City Council at the request of property owners.