9/11 The Truth – Building 7 Sprayed over Connecticut / US Graffiti

‘9/11 The Truth – Building 7 , WTC , Rise up’ is being painted on underpasses, overpasses , walls, phone boxes, you name it! Large pieces along a majority of highways and roads and are very legible tags and pieces, or is it a movement? Whomever the person is, the town is on smash!

Building 7 of the world trade center went down along with the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001. It has always been a mystery how this building had caught fire and went down, when this building was never hit by the jet. There is no explanation to why the building went down in a pile of rubble except that there was a fire from a small explosion.

This tagger is bringing the tough question and attention to wanting the truth. Why hasn’t the government delivered the answers to some of these questions for something that happened 13 years ago? Even though we’re never to forget this event, it isn’t quite clear what and why there were so many unanswered events.

A clever way to bring the attention to 9/11, and hope there is a movement to obtain the answers.