Meres goes to his Room – 5 Pointz / NYC Street Art

Meres is a super special individual that has one of the biggest artistic hearts, and a giving soul. He has been running 5 Pointz for many years, and the work that he has been doing there has been a labour of love for many, many years. I met him at 5 Points one day while I was with a friend bombing and taking tags. Meres came from no where to tell us the rules, and what needed to be done if we were serious about painting. His demeanor was firm but peace, and I see it in all the years he has been grinding at this location.

Coming out of the subway tunnel and entering Queens, you get to see a spectacle that is rarely seen anywhere in the world, and not to mention the view of how you witness it. It’s quite amazing to witness 5 Pointz from a New York City elevated subway car….. Priceless.

There used to be a horse stable in Brooklyn I could see from the Manhattan bound side of the ‘F Train’ on the New York transit line. You could see it clear from the elevated stations between Smith 9th and Carroll Street stops. I would see the owner running the horses in the morning and it was such a normal spectacle being that there were a few stables in Brooklyn that had horses. 30 years later, this is now a lot full of gravel and concrete. The memories are priceless, and this is part of what I love about Brooklyn, and what I loved about New York City.

I’ve been in Hong Kong for quite some time now, and haven’t been to 5 Pointz in a while. If this place is not there when I get back…. Good memories…. I’ll miss it very much and scratch it off like the horse stable in ‘Carroll Gardens‘ [which I always grew up knowing as Cobble Hill and Red Hook, Brooklyn].

5 Pointz will probably have a new funny name, and those that know the history will frown when they hear the Realtors spew it . One thing for sure… The Name Meres and 5 Points will always have a place in my heart for all the wonderful things that I got to see and contribute to. I hope it doesn’t go away because, every person should have a little something that stays the same….. something familiar. Something nice.

Whatever the outcome. Meres and 5 Points are a vital part of the community and will always live in my heart and mind. Proud to be a New Yorker with good people like this who made and continue to keep New York ‘Real’.

Realtors, made and continue to make New York ……. history.

Good things Meres.