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Kim Jong-un ‘Doctor Evil’ / Solus Stencil

Between shooting off missiles and telling the Koreans he created Hip Hop, Kim Jong-un has been marketing himself  heavily, and we mean going hard  for the worlds appreciation. Anywhere from Djay-ing to MC-ing,… Continue reading


An unusual yet cool looking style. There is something intriguing about watching indoor graffiti. In Asia, there is a lot of illegal graffiti in high rise buildings. Crisp white walls with color is… Continue reading

Let The Arts Roam / El Mac + Retna

Saster Throwback 4


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Amazing portrait of Salvador Dalí by Zimer at 5 Pointz Most of my first posts have focused primarily on “street art” but today despite the freezing temperatures and…

REVIEW // Ironlak ‘Ghettoblaster’ Cap



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Dale Grimshaw was back in East London this weekend and completed another amazing wall mural, titled ‘Culture Club’. It is located on Clifton Street which is…

London graffiti art by elusive Banksy mysteriously appears for auction in Miami – NY Daily News

London graffiti art by elusive Banksy mysteriously appears for auction in Miami – NY Daily News.


An oldie but goodie….


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It’s striking how much free expression is happening on vertical surfaces everywhere. Here are three of my favorite sightings from a recent trip to Europe. Amsterdam, Netherlands Bern,…


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by RISK   Free Humanity, Santa ana


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Now talk about to juggernauts of the painting game. Jeff Soto and Nychos were at Pow Wow Hawaii Festival and got together for a ridiculously amazing…


Rapt Studio x El Mac from Rapt Studio on Vimeo. Rapt Studio commissioned artist El Mac to do a large scale mural in the main atrium in Adobe’s Lehi, Utah building. The piece… Continue reading