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BLADE / Los Angeles

Martha Cooper Tribute / Tats Cru

  Surprise Happy Birthday mural for Martha Cooper on E. Houston and Bowery NYC 2013By Faust, Terror 161, Freedom, Bio, Lady Pink, Free 5, How, Nosm, Daze, Crash, Lady Aiko A great day… Continue reading

A to Z

  A to Z | Arty Graffarti.

lions / handselecta

Photo Recap: Full Circle Show | Colors In Los Angeles

  Visit the links below… Photo Recap: Full Circle Show | Colors In Los Angeles | Street Art & Graffiti in Los Angeles.

Spen Cp, Bruz To, Street Dreams are Made of These

Originally posted on spencp's Blog:
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to this day project

Spen Cp, Crew, Ups with Characters

  Spen Cp, Crew, Ups with Characters | spencp’s Blog.

Stereophonics back on form with Graffiti

“It was summer 2010 and we were touring a lot and doing festivals, so I was at home a fair bit,” he explains. “I kept hearing footsteps on my roof when I was… Continue reading

Graffiti up, rats slightly down: The state of New York City subway platforms

New York City’s subway platforms have more graffiti, more water damage and slightly fewer rats. They also had more overflowing trash cans, fewer “substantial floor cracks,” and a little bit less peeling paint,… Continue reading

City welcomes graffiti artists to practice craft legally

Graffiti artists need not hide under bridges, climb over fences or risk injury in rail yards to practice their craft at a special event this month at American Airlines Center. The city’s actually… Continue reading

Starting at the finish line

  Click on image, or click on the link: Starting at the finish line. Starting at the finish line.

David Walker’s amazing “no brushes” style, street art portraits.

Click on the photo or the link: David Walker’s amazing “no brushes” style, street art portraits.

Graffiti – Street Art or Vandalism?

Click on the below link or pict and check out the random flicks. Graffiti – Street Art or Vandalism?.

Sassy Storm Drains

Click Link: Sassy Storm Drains | eatingdrinkingandoverthinking.

Mache Custom Kicks

  Gallery – Mache Custom Kicks.


  DOYLE NEW YORK TO AUCTION STREET ART ON APRIL 8, 2013 – 2278 – Doyle New York.

Lord Scotch 79 / Keo

  Writer on tour.

Bailarinas V / Giclee Print / MISS VAN – Released today

Miss Van started wall-painting in the streets at the age of 18, initiating the feminine movement in street art. Miss Van’s sultry female characters began to pop up on city center walls in… Continue reading

Strictly Fitteds

  Great Blog for fitted caps… Strictly Fitteds.

The Art of Shin KwangHo

  Website MashKulture.net blogged this the other day. Intense works…. The Art of Shin KwangHo – mashKULTURE.

Artist Profile: Jim Mahfood (Food One)

  Artist Profile: Jim Mahfood (Food One).

Church dome painted by graffiti artists

  BBC News – The church dome painted by graffiti artists.

Urban Street Art VS. Rural Landscapes

Dolk’s street art combines dark humor with graffiti done in a distinctive stenciling technique, and he has got a big international name when it comes to street art. Pøbel’s works is shown all… Continue reading


3 Kings Featuring Sadat X

Sadat X / New Video Drop East Coast Rap

Blood-Based Graffiti

Don’t just look at the picture here. Click and see this video. A must see… Let’s Pray This Doesn’t Catch On: Blood-Based Graffiti – Arts & Lifestyle – The Atlantic Cities.

Student Opinion | Can Graffiti Ever Be Considered Art? – NYTimes.com

Can’t believe this question is still being asked today… Student Opinion | Can Graffiti Ever Be Considered Art? – NYTimes.com.

Juarez Skatepark

  Minoz, a prolific street artist from Mexico City, paints a sprawling infant across a Ciudad Juarez skate park.   Mexican Graffiti Artist Creates Stunning Mural In Juarez Skatepark | KPBS.org.

Kenya’s Graffiti Train

Awesome train end to end painted… Kenya Kenya’s Graffiti Train Seeks To Promote A Peaceful Election : NPR.