Nitzan Mintz: Israeli Street Artist / Poet

Israeli street artist Nitzan Mintz writes her poems on the streets of Tel Aviv, using disregarded materials she collects from dumpsters and public spaces. “I use only recycled materials in my art,” she said.

Nitzan is not alone. Artists across the Middle East have responded to the massive recycling crisis by upcycling trash into art. There are many benefits for artists that use waste to create, both financial and creative.

“I use birdcages, pieces of wood, anything,” said Nitzan.

Nitzan’s work is currently displayed on the streets of Israel, but soon might be coming to a hood near you.

See the full article about Nitzan by clicking the link below. You can also catch an interview on The Times of Israel.

via Israeli Poet Nitzan Mintz Takes Sustainable Art To The Streets | Green Prophet.