Brandt Peters x Ferg Trouble Boys Ooze no. 00 / Vinyl Toys

The newest Trouble Boys Squadt from Brandt Peters and Ferg feels like a  bit of a departure from the previous editions which were inspired by key gang/underworld eras and organizations including the mafia of yesteryear and the Yakuza.  0oze no. 00 complete with burlap style hood, crazy new slime head sculpt, shotgun and machete is a bit harder to place.  Perhaps  he’s a feared hitman, a random killer on the loose, or a supernatural psycopath. At any rate, Trouble Boys Ooze (225 pcs). is one of the most stylish releases for 2013 so far.  It drops  from the Squadt Shop on Monday (6.3) @ Noon CDT (10 AM PDT) for $105.

Detail Detail

via Vinyl Pulse: Brandt Peters x Ferg Trouble Boys Ooze no. 00.